Once done, click the “I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE” check box. The message will tell you about the description of the service and privacy.

You don’t have to read it, you can just skip reading and click the “I AGREE” button.

At the upper right hand of your screen, there’s two button.

The first one is the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” and the “EDIT INFORMATION” button. After clicking the button, a confirmation window will appear asking you to provide the what ID you are presenting when applying for NBI Clearance.

Our Government, through the National Bureau of Investigation opened the The big problem with the manual processing of NBI Clearance is that it is too slow (a perfect venue for Red Tape).

The majority of the applicants is ranting about the long queue lines and it’s driving them crazy!

We already know what the “EDIT INFORMATION” do when you click it right? In this tutorial, I have chosen to present my Philippine Passport.

Select the NBI Clearance Branch where you want to process your NBI Clearance.Kindly complete all the needed details to proceed with the next step of NBI Clearance Application.Enter the following details such as your Contact Details, Family Background and other information such as Educational Attainment, Occupation, Religion, Height, Weight, Complexion and your Identifying Marks if applicable.Please note that you are required to bring a valid id for when applying for NBI Clearance. For the next window, make sure to read the Important Message and click the “Close” button.You will be then redirected to another page where you must schedule an appointment with NBI Clearance.

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