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And speaking of royal rules breakers, here are 10 Signs Harry and Meghan Will Break All the Royal Rules.While her husband was away serving in the royal navy, rumors of trouble in Sarah’s marriage to Prince Andrew surfaced and were impossible to deny when a tabloid published topless photos of her with her American financial adviser sucking on her toes. When the photos hit the newsstands, Sarah was immediately summoned home to Buckingham Palace to face the music.Thus marriage and sex within marriage was the only way to control a woman's desires.Sex was strictly confined to marriage and only for the purpose of reproduction.Throughout that time, she went on television in America many times to decry her dire financial situation as a way to explain why she could not afford to live on her own.In 2015, Sarah finally announced she was going to live as an “independent unit” at a posh ski resort in the Swiss Alps.Sarah was, at one time, one of Princess Diana’s closest friends, but the two had a serious falling-out six months before the princess died in 1997.The duchess had been quoted as saying she got a plantar wart after wearing a pair of shoes she borrowed from Diana, who was infuriated by the remarks.

They were forbidden to have sex during Lent, Advent, Feast Days, Fast Days, Easter Week, Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays...

News of Eugenie’s engagement to former nightclub manager Jack Brooksbank has brought “Fergie,” as she was dubbed by the British press when she married Prince Andrew in 1986, back into the spotlight.

The royal outcast wasted no time indulging in the type of bizarre behavior that got her banished from “The Firm.” Thanks to the humiliating end to her marriage in 1996 and some very public missteps surrounding her behavior towards the royal family, Sarah has been persona non grata at Buckingham Palace for many years but now.

Every family has one–the unpredictable aunt whose bad behavior can be a source of unending embarrassment.

In the British royal family, that person is Sarah, Duchess of York, mother of the newly engaged Princess Eugenie and aunt to Princes Williams and Harry.

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She ultimately apologized saying, “That is no excuse for a serious lapse in judgment, and I am very sorry that this has happened. She was so upset about not being invited, she told Oprah she fled to Thailand on the wedding day in 2011. And it was also hard because the last bride up that aisle was me.” Never one to leave well enough alone, she also said she didn’t really mind missing the big event because she wasn’t the only one who wasn’t there.

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