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“I was hurting on the swim, hurting on the bike, and hurting on the run. Since that time, he has competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics and continued his professional triathlon career. There are not too many races like this.”In the Sprint Triathlon (Swim 750m, bike 20K, run 5K), the top three women were Yelena Maloney, Heather Butcher, and Celia Dubey and the top three male finishers were Braxton Bokos, Sam Geiman, and John Reback.

That made today special.”In the men’s field, Ben Kanute took the top podium spot in , and was followed by Jason West in second (), and Joe Maloy in third (). “I have learned a lot since my first pro race,” said Kanute. In total, over 3200 athletes competed in the weekend’s St.

As they were rushing to the airport, Duane looked over at this wife and said: “Want to have a baby?

In order to qualify for the National Championships, competitors must finish in the top 35 percent or top five (whichever is greater) competitors per their respective age groups. What began as a single race has grown to encompass three events — the Olympic distance St. Anthony’s Sprint Triathlon and the Meek & Mighty Triathlon.

Sarah Jane feels lucky to have gotten morning sickness out of the way during the offseason.

“Just gonna play for as long as I can and see how we go I think,” she said of their plans.

There were times, Smith said, that the topic hung over her head a little bit.

“I was keeping my card on the LPGA, but I was only getting by,” she said. That was a main goal – to be stable enough to start a family.

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