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The H50 team investigate a domestic disturbance and soon discover that the murder victim in question was injected with smallpox.

As they search for answers, the team discover a potential suspect that could be responsible, prompting H50 to contact the NCIS: Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles for assistance and as both teams investigate further, evidence emerges, suggesting that a biological attack may occur soon.

It's soon discovered that the main suspect in Rick Peterson, Danny's ex-partner from his days as a cop in New Jersey. Danny's former partner in New Jersey who arrived in Hawaii, hellbent on seeking revenge against Danny who testified at his trial ten years previously which ultimately led to Peterson being jailed.

As the investigation progresses, the team discover that the prisoner the victim was escorting, "Rick Maguire", is an alias as the real "Rick Maguire" died two years previously.

As Steve races to the scene, he discovers that Danny simply shot Stan in the arm, wounding him so that he could trick Peterson.

Peterson is later apprehended by Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly and Officer Kono Kalakaua. Steve Mc Garrett: Okay, listen, if you don't think you can hack it, you need to tell me now, all right?

Now consumed by revenge, Peterson has come to Hawaii to get back at Danny.

When Grace is kidnapped by Peterson posing as an officer of the Honolulu Police Department, Danny goes off the grid to comply with Peterson's demands. You act like a smart guy, you don't do what I tell you to do and then sweet, beautiful little Gracie dies.

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