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The Update Program Action/Reason process first selects the applications according to the criteria defined in the Population Selection group box.

Then, for each application, the process will add a new row to the Application Program Data page with the program action, action reason, and effective date that you have specified on the Program Action - Action Reason group box.

See Understanding the Population Selection Group Box In creating either a query or equation for use with the Update Program Action/Reason process, the bind record SAD_APL_PRG_BND must be included in the query or equation.

If the bind record is not included, then the query or equation will not appear as prompt value for the Query Name or Equation Name field.

an i OS device has a passcode enabled, the Update i OS Version mass action command will download the update on the device, but fail to install it.

For more information about how to send the Clear Passcode remote command, see Remote Commands for Mobile Devices in the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide.

Asset managers often need to update properties of a group of assets.

This is shown below: The following field types are available in Bulk Update.

Any custom fields of the following types will also be available for update in bulk.

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If the value in a particular field has to be cleared, only select the checkbox but do not select any value.

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