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So, it is pretty common for servers to query the NTP server to ensure that all their devices are synchronized and using the same time. You can configure your Windows server to query the NTP server in just a few lines. If, for some reason, the time isn’t synchronizing with the NTP servers then check the Event logs via the Event Viewer.An event with the 47 id usually means that the NTP servers aren’t reachable. After the above is completed the servers will be updated.We can check the ntp peers synchronization with the below command ntpq -p Based on our requirement we can set the ntp server to be our local ntp server or one from the local time zone and after this the linux server will be updated with the latest current local time zone.3) Registry hack forum=winserver8setup post that check system events on PDC server for event ID 35 and 37 Check below thread for complete details https:// comment has been added to this question in more than 21 days, so it is now classified as abandoned.I have recommended this question be closed as follows: Split: -- Mahesh (https:#a42410160) -- Shaun Vermaak (https:#a42410113) If you feel this question should be closed differently, post an objection and the moderators will review all objections and close it as they feel fit.

Note: We have an option to set the Hardware Clock from the System Time, or set the System Time from the hardware Clock.It is a virtual machine and I am using Vmware ESXi Hypervisor (version 6.5).I "think" I have the 2nd goal met but I can't seem to figure out the 1st goal.If you are a network administrator then you must be familiar with the importance of querying NTP server.On the other hand, if you are fresh IT guy or a new network admin then you might not have heard about the NTP server. This article will explain what an NTP server is, why you need to query it and how to query the NTP server. Network Time Protocol is the most commonly used time protocol in the whole world.

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We can comment them and need to update with the correct servers for the respective country where the server is hosted.

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