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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the primary government organization charged with enforcing anti-sexual harassment laws, outlines three types of sexual harassment.According to this definition, sexual harassment occurs whenever there are advances.North Carolina also has a state law against sexual harassment.In addition to prohibiting workplace harassment, the state law mandates that government employers develop a plan to prevent unlawful workplace harassment.When an employer knows or should have known that harassment was occurring, or when the employer creates an environment that encourages sexual harassment, the employer is liable even if he or she did not directly participate in the harassment.Given the high cost of defending sexual harassment lawsuits, it’s understandable that some employers are a bit paranoid about preventing workplace harassment.

Some examples of workplace sexual harassment under North Carolina and federal law include: All instances of sexual harassment share in common that they are unwanted and occur against the victim’s will.Except in serious cases of sexual harassment that involve rape or other highly threatening behavior, sexual harassment also has to be part of a long-standing pattern.For example, if you compliment a coworker once and she asks you to stop, you’ve not engaged in sexual harassment unless the compliments continue.It’s no wonder, then, that workers may worry that jokes, normal employee interactions, or office romances might constitute sexual harassment.The key, though, is that sexual harassment has a victim and a victimizer – there is no consent.

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Some bosses, for example, explicitly prohibit workplace romances, while others require that couples register with the company’s human resources department.

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