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She’s even had two significant relationships through it.

“I’ve always been a big fan of online dating,” Sarah says. I’ve had a couple of long-term partnerships, some shorter lived and have made some lifelong friends.” “In all honesty I would much have preferred to stay with online dating.

There’s anecdotal evidence to say it’s leaving dating sites behind in popularity too.

Sarah*, 47, an office manager in Auckland, has used one of NZ’s most popular dating websites on and off for five years.

Rachel* has two kids aged nine and six and enjoys a very full and fun Tinder existence.“I initially tried dating websites but found they were actually not that great for my self-esteem.

The app then brings you hundreds of matches in seconds.

Today’s dating landscape is radically different to 20, or even 10, years ago and technology has played an enormous role in this change.

While our grandparents might have met at dance halls, and following generations met in bars, through friends or sports teams, now we don’t even have to leave our houses to strike up a potential liaison. In the four short years it’s been around, Tinder has changed much about the way we meet potential mates.

I took him outside the restaurant and he ended up collapsing on me – and he was a big unit!

I must have looked hilarious trapped underneath him yelling help, with arms flailing.

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  1. I could sense him in a room, even if he was somewhere I had no idea he'd be, or if he had landed back in England a day or week (whatever) before he was due to be back.