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The campus features well-maintained lush green lawns, musical fountains, and a small pond, creating an ideal learning environment to stimulate intellectual and personal growth. The Institute offers two research programs for students that lay emphasis on carrying out quality research in the chosen field of study. It is awarded upon successful completion of a graduate-level Beyond the satisfaction of a relatively small number research program, usually lasting four semesters. by Research students are working professionals (some already working as research government bodies), who are sponsored by their employers. It connotes a superior comprehension of the field and a high aptitude for research, and is awarded upon completion of a program that takes from 3 to 5 years (there are no hard limits).

Designed and built in compliance with the highest global standards, the teaching and learning infrastructure features the most advanced elements of contemporary academic tools. All the classrooms are smart, with high-speed data networks and large projection systems for audio and video. of coursework requirements, the major focus of the program is on developing research skills, leading to the completion of a Master's thesis describing significant original results. Beyond the satisfaction of a relatively small number of coursework requirements, the major focus is on carrying out a significant body of original research and the writing and defense of a doctoral dissertation describing this work. The first three semesters of the program constitute academic course work. program also includes a unique 3-week period during the beginning of the program called Preparatory Semester.

Programs Offered The Institute is an exclusive graduate school, and offers no undergraduate degree programs. At the second level, 24x7 Internet access is available throughout campus, in both wired and wireless modes.

iiit-b is one of the few institutions in India to have an active wireless LAN (and was the first to have this technology way back in 1995). In addition, Wireless-mode access are is available throughout campus academic and hostel blocks using the high-speed Ethernet ports installed at various locations in the building, providing wired Internet access through a proxy web server.

Our students have been well received by the industry, and have been placed with some of the leading companies in the field; in fact, iiit-b can boast of 100% placement for all its graduates. Some of our Masters students are also pursuing doctoral degrees both in India and abroad, with a view to enter academic / research Students are encouraged to ask questions, pursue their research interests, and gain membership and respect in the select club of high-achieving professionals.

Subrahmaniam President & CEO, CSC Ravi Venkatesan Chairman Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt.Location Bangalore is often called the Silicon Valley of India.corporate big-name entities have found a home here. The list of companies located in the high-tech area close to the Institute is a virtual Who's Who of the IT business.The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointly by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry.Since its inception, iiit-b, with its unique model of education, research, and industry interaction, has grown in stature to become an institution of considerable repute in academic as well as corporate circles.

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