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The couple got engaged in 2013, when Novak reportedly proposed to Jelena in a luxurious manner.

The couple married in July 2014Jelena and Novak welcomed an adorable baby boy, Stefan, in October 2014, shortly after their wedding. Novak said in an interview that being parents changed their lives.

Novak shares his wins with her, as he says, “She was having a lot of opportunities for her own career but she sacrificed that in order to live my career, live my dream in order to save the relationship.” He further adds, “I am grateful for her and what she has done for our relationship and for me and I keep on continuing to learn from her so much.”With such impressive management qualifications, it’s no surprise that Jelena is the CEO of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, established in 2007.

The tennis legend even confessed about his failed attempt to make an impression on their first date.

In 2013, Jelena tried her hand at modeling for Figleaves, a swimwear brand.

She confessed that as much as she enjoyed modeling, she doesn’t have much time for it.

It’s understandable, since Jelena has a lot on her plate with her children, her humanitarian work, and cheering on Novak during all his matches!

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After a media frenzy, the pair played up to their ' Rodapova' tag and Maria was spotted wearing a T-shirt that said 'love is in the air'.

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