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ditto, ~CO.-PARADE, are requested try GENTS-You Studs. B.-2,ier ORDERS and bought' and sold GORDON/IM, Pitt-st.

PILLARS, The SUNDAY SERVICES, conducted in formerly Church Macquarie-Btreet the Rev. by PILLARS, will until further be held in the OLD notice, TEMPERANCE at 11 and 7. TVf HAVEN Wharf ulruet S OF COMMERCE.-'A of Members will bo held at TUESDAY, Uth instant, at 4 p m. Company aro specially Jim Btoamnhips of thia fitted-up and ventilated for tho nccommodiition of pnssengors in a hot und the tublo climate, and attendance are unexcoption (sinter u appointed , to lcavo Sydney on or SATURDAY, the 2_'nd or freight passage ELDRED apply and to CO., ~AND~ Company's C2, Margarot-shoot. Hall, commander, bo dispatched on the 8ih Sop TUESDAY, for KING Knnvn1! Canal, thus avoiding the circuitous and Mitlerous pansage via Capo Leeuwin and Galle. FARES AUCKLAND.-Steamer steamship , NUBIA, 2096 tons, 450 horso-powor, ^v- B. JAVA, and SINGAPORE The Steamship LEGISLATOR, 2100 tone, Robert Craig, commander, Under contract with tho Queensland will Government, be dispatched for - ., . MAIL against at the be presentid THIS noon by undertigncd reeotnizod. CHARTER-Wanted, for Foochow register, ELDRED I Woolnough, M. in connection with and HENDERSON, LEGISLATOR munt French CO., Agento.

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HIGHLANDERS CO.-Committee will meet at Brigade Offloe, MONDAY, 7.30 p.m. 8 EASTWAY, BROS., FISHHOOKS-If _gag_get_them at JW.

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