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Much like Smell Dating, participants at pheromone parties wear a T-shirt for three consecutive nights before sealing it in a bag and taking it along to an organised social event.

Once there, bags are labelled pink for women, blue for men, and each is assigned a number.

But there is evidence to suggest my desire for eau de Stinky Man was signalling important insights into our compatibility.

she wants to try to maximise the chances that the offspring she produces …

The system attacks anything that does not pass the test.

That includes foreign MHC proteins, which is why skin grafts and transplanted organs are rejected unless the donor's MHC is very similar to the recipient's.

The genes in question instruct cells to make the proteins of the Major Histocompatability Complex, one of the immune system's key markers of identity.

MHC proteins attach to foreign bodies and present them to the immune system for a verdict of self or not self.

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His scent just made me all the more attracted to him.

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  1. However, in older (1950 to 1990ish) media the trope is usually played straight and without irony, because writers assumed that young male viewers would see a naturally strong woman as an insult to the hero's (and by transference their own) masculinity.