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They are forced to escape when their disguise rips apart, but the guards are too busy dancing to notice.

The three hatchlings finally find the eggs on a small island, held by a python.

Chuck and Bomb ask Red to join in a speed dating activity, where he meets Silver, Chuck's sister and an excellent engineering student, but she deems him incompatible.

Red quits the meeting and finds Leonard, the king of Piggy Island, comes to his house to negotiate.

The other team members disguise themselves as a Trojan eagle, grab a key card in a washroom, and get into the base.

The eagle guards are driven into a breakdance battle by the disguise's unusual movement, and the team find Red and Silver have been caught.

Red reluctantly agrees to build an alliance with the pigs and they recruit Chuck, Bomb, Silver and Mighty Eagle.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, it is the best-reviewed film based on a video game.When Red shows a photo of Zeta, Mighty Eagle behaves abnormally.The meeting is disrupted when an ice ball hits Eagle Mountain and destroys it, but they escape just in time.New characters for the film were announced in March 2019 along with new cast members.Heitor Pereira returned to compose the film's score, with artists such as Kesha and Luke Combscontributing tracks for the film.

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They set sail to retrieve them, but once they catch up to them, a whale blows them into a cloud.

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