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When the [...] This happened to me some time ago while working with a subversion repository in which there were some files created in Windows with a strange encoding.

However, as a big fan of open source, I was a bit concerned by the author’s approach to controlling the development of Ion (see this or this for instance) so I switched to wmii.Luckily, xmobar provides a plugin to execute shell commands, and using this mechanism we can put anything on the status bar, as long as we can figure out a command to run to produce the wanted text.I use a Maildir mail storage (together with dovecot to provide an IMAP interface to my mail), and since I don’t automatically split mails into groups/folders it’s enough to just check the number of mails in my Maildir’s application (shows up as a flag in the tray if multiple layouts are configured).Chill, happy, enjoy my work, love running on the beach, playing soccer, relaxing...would be nice to find right...Here, you can find yourself a Partner of your dreams!

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KDE3 uses DCOP (unlike KDE4 which uses D-Bus) for IPC.

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