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This article was co-authored by Chloe Carmichael, Ph D.

The layers of neurons in the net are only associating individual letters with each other, statistically—they can perhaps “remember” a word’s worth of context—yet, as Karpathy showed, such a network can produce realistic-sounding (if incoherent) Shakespearean dialogue.

It can be a frustrating experience, as the scientists who’ve worked on AI and language in the last 60 years can attest.

Nowadays, we have algorithms that can transcribe most of human speech, natural language processors that can answer some fairly complicated questions, and twitter-bots that can be programmed to produce what seems like coherent English.

But researchers in Japan have developed an AI that can dispense relationship and dating advice, a kind of cyber-agony aunt or virtual advice columnist.

It’s called “Oshi-El.” They trained the machine on hundreds of thousands of pages of a web forum where people ask for and give love advice.

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