Table not updating with form

The problem is, the users see "Quantity" in terms of items per day or per week.

This assumes there is no hidden key field identifying the CLIN record. How does it control the future calculations, particularly considering that it is not a stored value?I didn't realize that the value of the unbound field would be the same for each new Line Item.(I'm fairly new, that's my only excuse...).;-)So the fields flow like this: CLINLookup Desc (Dlookup, not populating until on focus)Unit Price (Dlookup, populates just fine)Unit of Measure (ea, Gal, etc; Dlookup, populates just fine)Quantity Per Period (unbound # - source1 of my angst) Period of Measure (Day/Week/Month/Each, Unbound List box, controls future calculations, source2 of my angst)*real* Quantity (calculated as "Quantity Per Period*#of Periods" and stored in backend tables - # of Periods is in a hidden calculated field that give the datediff between the Performance Period Start and end date in the appropriate intervals, based on the Period of Measure value)PP Start and End dates (pull fine from the main form, and updateable after that pull)Unbound Calculation - Parent Contract CLIN Qty Available before the order (Doesn't populate until it recieves focus)Unbound Calculation - Parent Contract CLIN Qty Available after the order (Doesn't populate until it recieves focus)The fields doing the calculations are fine, except that they need to recieve focus to calculate.I do not see any common factors between the fields that will and won't populate the CLINLookup After Update event. A mod is entered by creating a new record for the CLIN that keeps values from the original CLIN that have not changed, and allows changing of any of these value.

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