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They stopped participating in the group activity and acted like they were in their own private world.

None of the other kids noticed and the facilitators didn’t want Nina and Jason to feel like the recreational program wasn’t a safe space, so they didn’t interrupt or talk to them about it afterwards.

Each team creates and acts out a skit of a disastrous first date.

Watching teenagers flirt can be cringe-inducing for any adult.

What characterizes a friendship as distinguished from membership in a group? What do you do if you want a person you have just met to become a part of your group, but the others don’t want to have anything to do with this new person? When someone tells you that a friend of yours has done something that you feel is wrong, what alternatives do you have, and what would you do? Write a brief description of the unifying interest of each clique and describe the people who tend to join it. Write a scene in which two former friends who drifted apart after they joined different cliques meet by chance, tell each other off, and then discover they really still like each other. Write an essay on the ideas about love that people are in love with.

If you’ve ever talked to me or Kenny before, chances are, you already know that we’re a little bit obsessed with Middle School Ministry. And a student labeled it with that fancy little sign when we weren’t looking.) We let them about middle schoolers’ brains, about the things they struggle with, about their biggest concerns, and about how they view love and relationships.

And as we strategized about how to deal with this super important topic, we knew we wanted to make sure we were doing our So we set up a really high-tech and complicated anonymous question-and-answer system. It was a Dubble Bubble bucket and some index cards.

You don’t want that kind of relationship with this person.

It teaches young people that they have the power of choice, that they are responsible for the choices they make, and that they owe it to themselves to choose the best.

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