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The Minnesota Legislature has given these agencies the authority to investigate and prosecute criminal matters.) Information we receive from citizens helps us to identify potential violations of Minnesota law and new problems occurring in the marketplace.

It's always free to record your greeting and listen to the greetings of the other members.

With this goal in mind, we offer these suggestions: If you need help with a consumer problem and would like the Attorney General’s Office to contact the organization on your behalf, we ask that you download a copy of our Consumer Assistance Request Form.

If you would like to report a fraud or scam, we ask that you download a copy of our Fraud Report Form.

We often experience lower call volumes between and a.m.

and and p.m., so calling during these times may reduce the chance of any wait time. The Attorney General’s Office welcomes complaints from citizens on a large variety of matters.

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  1. I should also mention that “some” studies have been done that show a possible risk of birth defects in children of “first cousin marriages,” so one must be aware of this potential danger if they are considering marrying their first cousin.