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But you you still have to tread into these waters gently.

"Be warm and inviting but don’t pressure a child to talk with you or spend too much time with you at first," Morin says.

Exercise patience if your children react unfavorably and keep the lines of communication open.

Children may view you dating as a threat to their time and relationship with you.

Adjusting to new situations and new people can be a bit of a process." Let it unfold naturally.

"Don’t get caught up in any type of drama with the ex-partner," says Morin.

"Stay out of it altogether and focus on the things you can control — like bonding with the children." Nobody has the time to get sucked into needless drama.

If you're wondering how to ask out a single mom, remember that they have to do a lot of juggling.

"Remember that while her children play a big role in her life, there are many aspects to her in addition to being a mother," she adds.

"Ask her out in advance so she can make arrangements for someone to watch the kids," Dr. Then, keep your commitments, since making that time for you probably took a lot of arranging on her end.

A single mom doesn't need extra difficulty in her life.

"When you’ve determined how important it is to you, your decisions about dating will become clearer.

Whether you want to set aside two evenings per week or one morning each month for dating, it’s up to you.""If you are ready to date, remind yourself that in addition to being a mother, you are first and foremost a woman with a wide variety of wants and needs," says Jaclyn Friedenthal, Psy. "Desiring a fulfilling romantic life does not mean you're selfish; it means you are a thriving, healthy woman.

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