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Every year, we bring out annual report, thematic reports, testimonies of victims of human rights violations, biweekly newsletters, press releases and briefings on human rights issues that confront Tibetans inside Tibet.The centre engenders awareness on a wide range of issues relating to human rights and democracy through both grassroots and diplomatic means, using both the infrastructure of regional and international institutions as well as community based awareness campaigns.

In producing narratives and representations of Tibetanness in their displays, staff contend with these audiences’ preconceptions about Tibetan culture.Pourquoi ce prisme religieux est-il privilégié dans la présentation des objets tibétains ?En accordant une attention particulière à la façon dont ces présentations encouragent certaines « façons de voir » (Alpers, 1991), cet article étudie comment la culture tibétaine est pensée par les visiteurs de musées.In keeping with our goal to make China a responsible international member, the centre actively engages with the UN human rights mechanism and special procedures submitting reports and cases of specific human rights violations in Tibet.In an effort to engender a culture of human rights and democratic practices among Tibetans, the centre organises workshops, talk series, public discussions and campaigns every year for students, activists, grassroots leaders, etc.

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