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Almost everyone who has been using Google Play Music for any length of time will have a ton of old and duplicated devices in their list. As of now, it looks like those deathorizations count against you.I was able to clear one duplicate device from my list before I got locked out, which indicates the counter started sometime recently without notice (that's scummy, Google).By default, Windows Media Player will pull metadata, such as the title, artist, album, and cover art from the Internet.If you did not accept that default option during setup, we’ll need to turn the feature on first. On the Library tab, ensure that Retrieve additional information form the Internet is checked. Editing Metadata Now we’re ready to update some files.That's a lot for regular people, but I would wager it's not that many for many AP readers.If you try a new device or two and end up returning them because they don't meet your expectations, that's going to eat into your deactivation limit.Don't take it as gospel, but that's what I was told. Update 2: A Google rep emailed me about 16 hours after my initial call saying: I'll be more than happy with looking into your authorized devices.Are there any immediate circumstances that would require you to frequently authorize / deauthorize your devices (repairing or exchanging your laptops/tablets/phones)?

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If Google is serious about this, the next device I try to connect to music won't be able to access it.

That says nothing of All Access, which I pay for (but don't own, obviously).

Update: I talked to a Google rep (after a lengthy wait) who claims they can manually reset device authorizations.

Not the deauthorization counter, but your authorized devices.

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Perhaps you recall back in 2012 when Google caught some flack for its 10-device limit on Play Music access with only four deauthorizations per year.

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