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Map displays approximate coverage Important Information About This Coverage Map This coverage viewer provides a predicted high-level approximation of wireless coverage.

There are gaps in coverage that are not shown by this high-level approximation.

To access coverage in the areas shown in a striped pattern, you'll need a capable device and eligible rate plan.

Like all other coverage, coverage in these areas can be adversely affected by distance from cell site, network changes, weather, foliage, tower congestion, and other factors.

HD Voice requires both parties on the call to be located within Consumer Cellular HD Voice coverage with a compatible device and properly provisioned account.

The areas shown in tan depict coverage provided by unaffiliated carriers based on information provided and other sources.

Dark orange areas depict High-Definition (HD) Voice coverage, also called wideband voice.

HD Voice provides superior audio clarity and enhanced background noise reduction.

The regular Unlimited &More gives you zero guaranteed amounts of LTE data.

But if you pay the higher price for the Unlimited &More Premium, then you also get a single additional premium channel (or music service) included in your plan price.

Extra channel options with AT&T Unlimited &More Premium If you already pay for one of those services, then AT&T Unlimited &More premium can save you a bit of money every month.

Your phone's display does not indicate the rate you will be charged.

These maps are subject to the Microsoft® Service Agreement and for informational purposes only.

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