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And it was available on the CHIVF, I know I used it two different times.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Not that I have ever seen, though when you get the Mobo the first thing you should do is have a look at the long white sticker near the PCIe lanes and see what the last 4 numbers are, if they are atleast 08xx then you will have support for your 8150.You should be lucky enough to have gotten one with at least that BIOS revision number Prior to my build, I was nervouse about the bios being upto date enough that i'd have no problem installing my FX 8150.One of the main reasons for slow down of your PC/laptop could be a malware.One of the most common malware that infects your PC is perhaps the adware that comes from your browser.One could employ the use of Malware Bytes Anti-malware tool or the Microsoft’s native Windows Defender.

Register to get all the benefits of being a member!However, if your Windows 10 is buggy, it can use anywhere between 80-90 percent RAM and 85 percent of your CPU causing a mild hang which can be only cured by rebooting your PC/laptop.Also, watch how to disable superfetch 100% disk usage According to the researchers at Bidness Etc the high RAM and CPU leakage is caused by the memory leak issue which remains dormant for the first few hours of PC/laptop use, but slowly takes over all the available free memory and a large portion of the processor usage.I'm testing nvidia-docker 2, starting containers through Zoe Analytics, that uses the network Docker API.What Zoe does is to dynamically set CPU quotas to redistribute spare capacity, but it makes nvidia-docker break down: Start a container (the nvidia plugin is set as default in daemon.json): $ docker exec -it 9e nvidia-smi Thu Nov 2 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- | NVIDIA-SMI 384.81 Driver Version: 384.81 | |------------------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- | GPU Name Persistence-M| Bus-Id Disp. ECC | | Fan Temp Perf Pwr: Usage/Cap| Memory-Usage | GPU-Util Compute M.

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Just run the complete scan or deep scan to remove any malware infection and reboot your PC to get rid of any infection.

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