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We have already defined BIOS, now CMOS which means Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor is the chip where the BIOS and its settings are stored.

To be more specific the BIOS firmware is stored on the CMOS which is a small chip on the motherboard.Alternatively press the windows key on your keyboard and R you should get the run box.Then type msinfo32 and press the return or enter key and the system information window will pop up If you still can’t get the information, you can use command prompt. In command prompt enter the same command as above which is “msinfo32” and you should get the information as in the Dell Inspiron screen shot below.This method works on Dell computers which had Linux preinstalled for example the XPS 13 linux version.As already mentioned in order to update BIOS the system forces you to have the battery charged and adapter connected.

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But you can override this if you have battery issues or problems with the adapter.

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