Updating escd building town in brittany predating stonehenge

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Hi, Is it possible to use a non-english XIM (for example, xcin, chinput for Chinese Input) under PXES 0.7 under remote X configuration.

Any help/suggestion on this would be greatly appreciated. PXES won't work (as is) in a monolithic kernel. On Tue, 2004-01-27 at , Alex Ramzo wrote: Good day. Our script, which compiles kernel, does not support kernel modules. Tel: 5411 4331-2233 able to "un-map" the server A: drive (a real bugbear).

Thanks in advance, Ben Wang Hi, I'm using PXES 0.7 and if I access the local floppy, samba doesn't show information how much free space is left on the flopy. It concerned with problem of installation modules into initrd and correction of your scripts. Would have replied to this sooner, but I had forgotten why I rebooted when I was testing my theory.

This means that if I try to save file larger than 1.4MB on the floppy the windows server will do it, because write back is enabled, but after a while error occurs claiming that write back failed and the whole session will freeze for aprox. I try to analyze why samba doesn't know how much free space lefts on the drive and: # df Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/root 28379 26616 1763 94% / tmpfs 452832 7592 445240 2% /tmp which shows that there isn't any /mnt/fd mounted but: # mount /dev/root on / type ext2 (ro) none on /dev type devfs (rw) /proc on /proc type proc (rw) tmpfs on /tmp type tmpfs (rw) /mnt/fd on /mnt/fd type supermount (rw) /mnt/cdrom on /mnt/cdrom type supermount (ro) and finally: # df /mnt/fd Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /mnt/fd 0 0 0 0% /mnt/fd anyone have some clues ? Does anybody know - why the keyboard freezed after press "Left Alt Shift". Pxes v0.7 includes many modules, so I have to compile it into kernel (may cause incorrect work of your scripts) or to leave it as modules (may cause errors during kernel compilation). You can (at least in Win2K Pro) change the drive letter for the A: drive by modifying the registry.

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