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In the VB editor, you can click on the gray column just to the left of your Worksheet_Change macro. You can then press to run to the end (or next breakpoint).

If you make a change to the worksheet and Excel doesn’t pull you into the VB Editor, you know there is a problem with the macro not running.

Watch the first video in that series on Pivot Tables & Dashboards To automatically update our pivot tables, we are going to write a macro with one simple instruction.

That instruction basically says: when I make a change to my worksheet, refresh all the pivot tables and data connections. You can do this by clicking the Visual Basic button on the Developer tab of the ribbon.

To do so, choose Worksheet in the Object drop-down box on the left.

Within the code module, we want to create an event macro.Bottom Line: Learn how to use a simple macro to refresh pivot tables automatically whenever changes are made to the source data.I also share a non-macro solution to update the pivot tables when the file is opened. Skill Level: Intermediate If you learn best by doing it on your own, you can download the file I'm using in the video to follow along. Refresh Pivot Table (41.5 KB)Can your pivot tables be updated immediately and automatically when their source data changes? It requires the use of a really simple macro that I will show you how to create below.Add this line of code to the Worksheet_Change event will refresh the workbook whenever a change is made to the worksheet that the code is in.Aleksandrs asked a great question on the You Tube video comments.

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