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When the screenless i Pod shuffle was originally introduced in 2005 as an all-plastic i Pod, it was simultaneously designed to kill demand for cheap i Pod rivals and satisfy a highly price-conscious segment of the music player market.It succeeded, and though Apple has kept the feature set pretty much the same for a decade, it has dropped the price.

, which has a good track-record, says that the i Pod line-up will see a refresh on or around 14th July.

For as long as you’ll be listening to your i Pod, we’ll be listening to you.

In addition, to avoid scalping or bulk reselling, we will be raising our prices and limiting customer purchases to three (3) i Pod shuffles per order for the foreseeable future.

“A lot of athletes love the i Pod shuffle,” we told him. You might be wondering how much this affects us and our business, since we have been selling underwater i Pod shuffles for several years.

“Especially the waterproofed version that they can bring into the pool.” We gently reminded him about the pre-i Pod days, long ago, when swimmers had to bring their waterproofed 40-pound Macintosh computers into the pool if they wanted to listen to music during their workouts. We’ve long prided ourselves on having the best waterproof music players available, and we’ve heard from hundreds of customers about how much you love bringing music on all of your favorite water-centric activities. With the discontinuation of the i Pod shuffle, availability and pricing may shift, so if you’ve been wanting one, it’s probably best to get one now!

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If you're looking for something a bit more full-featured, I'd suggest checking it out. I used Media Monkey for a time, but it breaks with each firmware update. The fact that i Tunes won't let you add music to it from a second computer. Yes, it does have a library, but it feels much more lightweight than the i Tunes library.

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