Updating lost planet 2 pc

By Renaming it, when we Uninstall Kodi it will remain on our system.

Now we must change it back to its original name BEFORE starting the new version of Kodi to retain all of our data.

Open up File Manager HD Click on Android Then Data You will see a file called kodi. If you highlight the file and then hold OK or Enter it will open up the menu where we can select Rename.An easy way is to go to SYSTEM and click on SYSTEM INFO.You will see the Kodi version at the bottom of the screen.New monthly updates not only add new contents but also solve many of the problems detected by the game community.Extra Tags: Universe Sandbox 2, Download Universe Sandbox 2, Universe Sandbox 2 Download, Free Universe Sandbox 2, Universe Sandbox 2 Free, Universe Sandbox 2 Game, Universe Sandbox 2 play I am extraordinarily impressed by the sheer quality of the physical simulation displayed here.

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