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And I simply don't want/and can't affort to be without it (i.e.

without the computer being in a ready-to-run state), that means that I don't want to risk anything that could cause this, esp. I know though that SP2 brought much more that security upgrades (to in-built firewall) and bug-fixes here and there, but really, I use the internet in a such "smart" way that I am not afraid of being infected just because I don't have SP2 installed!!

You can still continue to use the rhythm method if you like but your protection will be that much more reliable. again, I haven't said anwhere, at least not explicitly, that I have an illegal copy of Windows).

I've never heard of anything using WGA after the fact, though.

Yeah, I know that you all think that I am crazy for doing so (thinking this way), but look, I got this computer (with Windows XP installed in the pretty much same condition as is now a half a year later) from my friend when my old computer ceased to work.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers DO NOT CLICK DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE UPDATING JUST ONE COMPUTER...unless you have a dial-up internet connection, in which case, go here Microsoft Update find the smaller SP3 updates download for you Note that Microsoft Update won't find the SP3 updates until you have installed some other updates.

I need to install Visual C# 2008 Express Edition IDE (since we will be learning this program in the school that I am currently attending), and since it requires SP2 to be able to run (and I'm currently running Windows XP Pro without any Service Pack), I am interested: does the off-line installation (i.e.

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mkraft writes "On the tail of the previously asked question on whether Microsoft should support pirated copies of XP, comes the answer.

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