Updating smoothwall kernel

Please contact the person who gave you the link to see if there is an error.The award-winning Smoothwall Express open-source firewall—designed specifically to be installed and administered by non-experts—continues its forward development march with a new 3.1 release.

I am using a 19db dish to connect to this access point and then route it to my internal wired network using Smoothwall.If Smoothwall cannot locate your wireless card (I'm not sure if it's even possible) you can choose the 'Select' -).If you are unsure what driver your card requires you may have to go through them all (they are in /lib/modules/2.6.*/kernel/drivers/net/wireless).Smoothwall Express runs on hardware from early 32-bit Pentiums for those who need a basic firewall to recent 64-bit multi-core systems with gigabytes of RAM for those who need VPNs, HTTP/HTTPS caching and filtering, Snort intrusion detection and Clam AV protections.Addressing a number of problems and deficiencies as well as some housekeeping work, the new version 3.1 refreshed the Linux, iptables, xtables-addons, Open SSL, Snort and Squid packages, among others.

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Special Firmware If you have a card that uses the prism54 driver you may need to install firmware to get it to work correctly.

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