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Our driver safety research and development programme is unrivalled. At Continental we realise that automotive technology is only one of four essential pillars that need to be in place to achieve zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents: Summer / Autumn 2017 has seen Continental present a series of Vision Zero Live events in locations across the UK and Ireland, including Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Co. These have proved to be an unqualified success, with both drivers and tyre retailers alike introduced to Continental’s wide range of electronic automotive safety technology solutions.

Participants have also gained a first hand experience (as both a driver and passenger) of how the quality of a tyre positively or negatively affects driving.

The experience was priceless, with many participants never having had the opportunity to see first hand how effective AEB can be, and the accidents it can prevent.

Using LIDAR – rapidly pulsing laser light that calculates distance – the ABS is being championed by the European Parliament’s Transport Committee with calls for this technology to be fitted to all new cars.

Adult male elk can reach over two metres at the shoulder and weigh anything up to 850 kg.

Many were surprised to learn that our electronic automotive technology is central to achieving driver safety in the majority of new cars that roll off the factory floor and into the showroom.

Equally as surprising for many was the fact that over one in three new cars purchased by motorists in Europe are fitted with Continental tyres.

Along with vehicles fitted with ESC, tests were undertaken using tyres with differing tread depths (from brand new 8mm to DVLA minimum recommendation 3mm, and then the (barely) UK legal 1.6mm) on both wet and dry surfaces, at speeds of 30 and 40 mph.

Both premium Continental tyres and a selection of budget tyres were used, and the effectiveness of all combinations experienced.

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