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Heather was the winner of The Champions of Sexual Literacy Award for Grassroots Activism from the National Sexuality Resource Center/SFSU in 2007; in 2009 the winner of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Western Region's Public Service Award and the Our Bodies, Ourselves' Women's Health Heroes Award.In 2011, Scarleteen won a Seattle Web Award for Best Nonprofit Website.Do yourself a solid and make a vow right now to stop giving them such power. I did a Google Images search for “hot” just to see the most current perceptions around that.Aim to love your body as a part of your whole self. The most common denominators among the images were half-dressed women with their mouths hanging open.Right now, in white Western culture, does “hot” most typically also mean “thin,” according to those standards? The good news is that people’s emotional and sexual attractions often aren’t based on those standards.

It’s also possible that what women weigh is far less important to this guy who’s interested in you than it is to you, either because he doesn’t see the differences you do or doesn’t experience them in the same way.A Chicago native, she now lives and works on an island in the Pacific Northwest.About a month ago, one of my sisters tagged me in a video she recorded of Family Feud, a game show where two families compete for a cash prize by trying to find the most popular answers to a variety of questions.On the episode she recorded, host and comedian Steve Harvey asks the contestants to answer a rather loaded statement: “Name a reason a woman might decide to be with a chubby [or fat] man.” The contestants’ answers end up providing a humorous round in the minds of the contestants, Steve Harvey, and presumably the audience.But my sister didn’t share this video on her Facebook page to garner laughs from her friends and family.

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