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Customers prefer talking to a machine that has a character, like Microsoft’s teen-spirited Toy.

This is really a rhetorical question, as almost any function which involves interaction with a customer can be done by a Chatbot.

Providing customer support service and assistance is an integral part of many businesses, ranging from banking to educational institutions.

Working through both visual and voice user interfaces, they can respond to questions directly through messenger-like systems, as well as through traditional phone line based communications.For the most part of the last decade, since Chatbots began appearing in businesses, they have been using a scripted approach.This involves creating complicated logical workflows, based on expected customer interaction, and pre-recording all possible answers which the system can respond with to each customer request.However, a lot of these requests are routine and involve looking up order statuses, account balances, and other transactional data.Labor costs for maintaining a sufficient pool of customer service specialists are considerable.

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Recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have created an environment ripe for inventors and entrepreneurs seeking to create automated chat engines which can almost mimic human behavior.

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