Wade robson and britney spears dating

In her deposition Joy Robson admitted that she contacted Norma Staikos , the exact opposite from what Wade said in his.

If she had not insisted and if she had not gone to great lengths to contact Michael Jackson he would NEVER have seen them again.

However, when the doc aired, Amanda said she was incredibly naive and inexperienced about child abuse thus she could not help Wade deal with his alleged trauma. Safechuck , who also failed in his attempt to become an actor and also comes from a poor family ( his father was a garbage collector ), said that his abuse began at the 1989 Grammys in New York , which in fact took place in Los Angeles that year and Michael did NOT even perform then.

His mother also said she was happy Michael died in 2009 even though Safechuck said in his civil complaint that ONLY AFTER 2013 ( after he saw Robson sue for money in other words) did he undestand and disclose his sex abuse , which until then , he thought was consensual love , as did Wade ( he thought until he was 30 years old that oral rape is consensual love ) though they are both and always have been exclusively heterosexual .

The Robsons decided to move to the USA to seek a better fortune.

Obviously , he did not try to raise awareness then. He gave Robson a record deal as part of a RAP duo named QUO but it failed.

His association with Michael Jackson gave him the opportunity to befriend artists like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Wade begged the Jackson family for a VIP invitation to Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service at Staples Center in 2009.

Wade started working with Justin Timberlake as a choreographer and then slept with Britney Spears who dated Justin then . Justin’s song Cry me a River is about Britney’s infidelity with Wade. He danced along Janet Jackson at a tribute for Michael at 2009 VMA .

Wade Robson is a ( has been ) dancer / choreographer . He met Michael Jackson at the age of 5 ( he was born on 17/09/1982 ) when he won a dance contest , in fact , organised by Pepsi and Target even though he later said it was organised by MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures which he alleged MJ founded to lure and abuse kids ( even Tom Sneddon never said that ) .

That is a lie he made up so as to sue MJ’s companies after his first lawsuit was thrown out of court because the judge didn’t believe that he was unable to understand the concept of molestation before he was 30 years old.

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