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In Australia and New Zealand, it also took off and went right through every level of government.

So that was the strategy, to just get it out there and see what happens.

So instead of just simply taking the financial bottom line, I extended it to the economic dimensions as well, which almost no companies when they are doing their annual report and accounts, cover.

At the time that seemed to be a slightly revolutionary agenda. We looked into getting intellectual property rights on it because we wanted to make sure no one else could.

We got to involve financial markets, we got to involve every level of government, we got to involve civil society and so on.

I mean for a start, anything with “C” in it is speaking of corporate and their particular agendas, and corporations’ are only one part of it, of the system level responses we need.

But at times it is a bit like the Tower of Babel, you are right, there are so many languages that people collapse in confusion. Right, now moving on to our next question here, you know the CSR concepts which have come up over the years, from many different people.

And I think one concept which I particularly like or relate to is the ‘creating shared value’ concept of Michael Porter.

So we looked into it and found that the best way of protecting the concept was just getting it out there and getting people to using it as fast as we possibly could and that’s what we did do.

It took off faster in certain markets than in others, like Netherland, Holland – people, planet, profit, took off very rapidly and since then it is now endemic in that country and we are now a long way away from where we were then.

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TBL: Well, as you can see, we took the liberty of making a slight amendment to the terminology, and we are calling our triple bottom-line as people, planet and prosperity. As in 1996, I also offered that as an alternative framing, because some people thought profit was just too capitalist.

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