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It dealt with underage, snuff, extreme torture, and other nasty bits. Anyway, the site's leadership has changed hands, and for legal purposes, the webmaster will be using AVS soon to cover the site. So if I could get some seasoned opinions from the Lit community as to the changes at WS (do you care? I consider it feeding the sick fantasies of those better off without internet access.WS is a little better, at least there are no infants on it.Any porn site (including this one) is vulnerable to the impending crackdown from the new administration, but having under-18 stories will put you in the crosshairs first.

It doesn't have the community or extra little tidbits that Lit does (which makes it such a great site, btw), but it does its job pretty well.I certainly don't want somebody dictating to me what I can or cannot read or view. "Nothing compares to the fun derived from the sexual/intellectual raping of another self-possessed equal."] So what do we do about the kids?Free speech will soon become a thing of the past, much like the right to bear arms, to be secure in one's property. Do you think the warnings on porn sites keep the under eighteens from accessing this and other sites on the web.Those rights are merely inconvieniences to those who know best how to run our lives. To the Ivy-League elite, we are just cattle, or chattel, however you would call it. I love that option to leave if you're a minor, yeah right.There's probably hundreds if not thousands of minors that read the stories here at Literotica.

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I don't think either site would be harmed by the need for AVS.

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