Who is emily blunt dating john krasinski

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So what is the key to Blunt, 36, and Krasinksi's, 39, #goals worthy union? I was like, ‘Oh God, I think I’m going to fall in love with her.’ And as I shook her hand I went, ‘I like you.' So if anyone’s looking to pick up a girl, that’s the way to do it. She did cry after I cried and we cried and then everyone around us was crying.The role earned Blunt a Screen Actor's Guild award, and the power couple is not afraid to sing each other's praises when it comes to the subject of working together."We did not know what people would think of it and we didn’t know how it would be perceived so it was the warmest of welcomes and one that was truly an unforgettable night,” Blunt said of when they first screened the movie.Krasinski himself requested that Blunt join the cast, and as her biggest fan, he told Throughout their 11-year-long relationship, Krasinski and Blunt have been red carpet favorites, always showing up for each other's latest project and looking good AF while doing so."My friend goes, 'Oh my god, there's my friend John,'" the actress recalled during her appearance on on . He just stood there and made me laugh," Blunt continued. Blunt and Krasinski have actually been offered roles in various romantic comedies before, but turned them all down.Krasinski, who was having dinner with Justin Theroux at the time, came over to talk to them. Meyers then asked her if she knew Krasinski was the one after first meeting him. " A post shared by John Krasinski (@johnkrasinski) on The actress also mentioned that their meet-cute could be the perfect premise for a rom-com. "We've sort've been offered every romantic comedy under the sun," she told Meyers in an earlier part of her interview.

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