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Apart from all of these professional careers, Heather also became involved in business, and over the years became quite successful as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, who has co-founded Black Lab Mixology Boutique and Consultancy, an eco-friendly company which makes a variety of drinks and juices, which she serves as the CEO.

She also showed an interest in modeling, and eventually appeared in more than 50 national commercials as a model, and brand ambassador for Mercury Auto Insurance. Back in the day he had all of singing the lyrics “I wanna know what turns you o-onnn, so I could be all that and mo-o-o-o-oooore…I’d like to know what makes you cry-yyyy, so I can be the one who always makes you smile.” Excuse me, I got carried away for a minute, that was the jam back in the day.Check out the gallery below and see what all of the talk is all about…Not only have they been seen at a recent upscale event together, they stirred up rumors after they posted subliminal beach pics on their vacation recently from the same location, using the same hashtags.She is also known as a businesswoman, the co-founder of Black LAB, which she serves as the CEO.I had a lot of requests for autographed photos so I built a shop where you can order them. I started with two different poster size pictures but I’ll expand the choices if the demand is there. #womenwhowrench #classiccars #garageposter #underthehood #mustangshelby #autograph A post shared by Heather Storm (@heatherstormla) on Even though Heather is very open regarding her professional careers, she is just the opposite when it comes to her personal life, as she tends to keep it away from public eyes.

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