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Through just having chats in the outer offices about starting a career, she invited me to do some studio work, which became my first professional experience in music.

What made this even more significant for me is one of the recording sessions we were all on at the time was for Galt Mc Dermot, who would go on to write the score for the musical Hair.

I remember thinking, my God, someone is going to actually pay me to let me learn to act on the stage? That was exciting itself, but in terms of being the first black actress and breaking that barrier, I was aware of it from just being around at that time of everything being revolutionized, and things like wearing an afro proudly and everyone being shocked, stuff like that.With Hair there was the whole hippie movement that was connected as well which brought all the drug connotations, which now I realize they had very good reason to be concerned!(laughs) When they came to see the show and realized there was a nude scene they were absolutely in shock!Of course, she also released several albums working alongside disco forefather Van Mc Coy that would forever solidify her status as one of the biggest names in 70’s entertainment.Moore was kind enough to take a few moments out of her day to explain some of the important groundwork she laid as a young African-American artist, and sheds some light on why modern audiences are clamoring for some of that old classic disco magic!

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