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announced that Smith was in talks to take on the Williams family's patriarchal role.

Williams is a Tennis Association Hall of Fame inductee who, in spite of his unfamiliarity with tennis and shortcomings growing up poor in Shreveport, Louisiana, helped mold his two daughters into the Grand Slam champions they are today.

, a spec script by Zach Baylin that has Will Smith poised to play Richard Williams. Despite having no tennis background, he overcame tremendous hardship, skepticism and his own troubled past to raise two of the game’s greatest players.

When his daughters were around the age of four, Richard Williams drew up a 78-page plan for their professional tennis careers.

Not only did he pique their interest in the game, but he was their coach early on, as well.

Today, Serena will be vying for her 24th Grand Slam, and if she wins, she will tie Margaret Court’s record of 24 career major titles.

To make matters worse, Richard and Lakeisha share a 5-year-old son, who Richard claims is in danger while in her care.

He says Lakeisha is staying with someone with pending “criminal felony charges.” There are also allegations of alcoholism and gun theft against her.

The complicated politics of skin tone and its adjacency to success, beauty standards, and cultural appeal are a constant and painful reminder for those burdened—and those who subconsciously reap the benefits.

Richard Williams, the famed father of tennis champs Venus and Serena Williams, is divorcing his wife of seven years.

Richard, 75, not only wants to end his marriage to Lakeisha Williams, 38, he claims she’s stealing his Social Security checks and has forged his name on a deed transfer, according to TMZ.

So let me understand that a black man can only play a black man now if he is the right shade of black.

So that case Denzel Washington should never have played Malcom x.

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I don’t know if the thrill was being able to get away with a crime, or that the crime was against the white man,” Courier Mail quotes him as saying.

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