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, but the only problem is, she doesn't have any drama to give them.On Wednesday, July 17, the singer shared an Instagram post responding to fan requests to revive the reality show, explaining that their life is pretty "boring." "Eric and Jessie game.... Ok Ive see (sic) a LOT of emails/requests lately (for whatever reason) for our show to come back," she wrote alongside a photo of herself and husband Eric Decker sharing a smooch backstage at a show.It's so wild, because we've just been so happy and having so much fun.

The first tier featured the show’s iconic font, while the second showed the coveted purple door of their Manhattan apartment.

"People ask me that all the time, and sometimes I wonder what the magic answer is. And we like the same things, and we like to talk about the same things, eat the same things, do the same things.

It just works." "I think when you have all those things in common and view the world the same way, I just think sometimes it's all about fit, and we just fit really well, even before marriage and kids," she added.

The top tier was shaped as a Central Perk coffee mug.

James gave birth to their daughter Vivianne Rose Decker on March 18, 2014.

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One of her songs, “Gypsy Girl”, had been pitched to American Idol contestant and winner, Carrie Underwood. The album’s first single, “Wanted” peaked at 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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