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Islam is a church in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, where there is no separation of church and state.

The Basic Law of Saudi Arabia states: "[The Constitution of Saudi Arabia is] God's Book [the Qur'an] and the Sunnah of His Prophet [Muhammad]".

The other room is easily large enough to accommodate two girls.

But your eye and your ear will accommodate themselves to both.

Of course, papa, I should like to accommodate myself to them as much as I can.

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He is mostly known for his creation of the seven signs that differentiate a religious congregation from a sectarian church, which he created while researching the Church of Scientology.

He introduced the distinction between world-affirming and world-rejecting new religious movements.

The typology states that churches, ecclesia, denominations and sects form a continuum with decreasing influence on society.

These nations are ruled under an official interpretation of religious law (Salafi in the case of Saudi Arabia), and the religious law predominates the legal system.

Saudi Arabia, however, lacks Johnstone's criteria for an ordained clergy and a strictly hierarchical structure, although it has the ulema.

Sociologists, when speaking technically, will not use these labels interchangeably as they are designations for religions with very specific characteristics.

These differing religions are often classified by sociologists as ideal types. Because there is significant variation in each religion, how closely an individual religion actually holds as their ideal type categorisation will vary.

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